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Those of you who knew Nancy “Z” Zierenberg can attest to her passion for studying, poking, prodding, loving and protecting the natural world. And for those who did not have the great fortune of knowing her, I can assure you that the plants and animals that inhabit this planet have never had a more ardent and determined champion. One of the many legacies of her life, and the one she was most proud of, was helping to found Sky Island Alliance.

Z loved nature and this region with unbridled enthusiasm and uncompromising values and that love carried over to her entire life. She helped found Sky Island Alliance and served on the Board of Directors for some 19 years. Nancy was active even during her battle with cancer and was concerned, upset, and downright angry when she realized that she could no longer perform her duties on the board.

It is true that Z loved this world, but she also inspired, loved and admired the many young women and men who took up the cause, learned to see the world as she saw it and became as passionate about the plants and animals of this region as she was. To that end Z and I decided that, upon her death, I would work with friends and family to start what has become the Nancy “Z” fund.

The Fund is designed to provide monetary support for students, researchers, activists and others engaged in the conservation of native plants and animals in the Sky Island region of southeastern Arizona, southwestern New Mexico, and northern Sonora. This fund will serve as a continuing tribute to her botany, conservation ethic, activism and her love and passion for, as Paul Shepard would have said “The Others”. As I said, Z served as an inspiration to countless individuals and organizations and it is only fitting that her legacy and love will live on through this fund.


Rod Mondt

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*Previously raised money was granted to Greater Good's Madrean Discovery Expeditions program.


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